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What is this course all about

Course Overview

The Observability Foundation℠ course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of observability principles and practices in modern software systems.

This course focuses on enabling organizations to gain actionable insights into their applications and infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient operations. Participants will learn how to implement observability techniques, leverage monitoring and logging tools, and analyze data to improve system reliability, performance, and troubleshooting.

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What outcomes can you expect from this course

Learning Goals

Benefits for you


  • Understanding of practical implementation of Observability, traces, spans, and their correct interpretations
  • Designing Observability in services for higher security and reliability
  • Building fault-tolerant distributed ecosystems that can be tested for risks of disaster
  • Building AIOps intelligence in operations using the Observability pipeline
  • Understanding of other roles and contributing towards creating a better workplace culture


  • Implementing Observability effectively  leads to higher business value, enhanced stability and reliability of services
  • Improvement in product development, deployment, and operations life-cycle
  • Increased balance between technical investment in reliability and customer experience
  • Homogenous culture and greater synchronization between product, development, and operational teams improving staff morale

Topics covered

  • Implementing an Observability culture in your organization
  • Understanding the basic principles of Observability including the Three Pillars and why monitoring alone is not enough
  • Adopting OpenTelemetry standards to help achieve innovation and distributed tracing
  • Implementing full-stack Observability and distributed tracing to enable a DevSecOps culture
  • Understanding levels of the organizational observability maturity to build effective strategies
  • Implementing network, container level Observability

What are the steps to get this certification

DOI Observability Foundation℠ Journey

WHY YOU SHOULD enroll in this course?

Nurturing a DevOps Mindset

How it will help your professional growth?

By taking the Observability Foundation℠ course and becoming certified, you will:

  • Develop a strong understanding of observability principles and practices.
  • Learn how to implement observability techniques to improve system reliability and performance.
  • Acquire practical skills to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot complex software systems.
  • Enhance your career prospects in the field of observability and system operations.
  • Join a community of observability professionals and access valuable resources for ongoing learning and professional growth.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in observability through certification.

Who will benefit from attending this course

Suggested Participants


There are no strict prerequisites for attending the Observability Foundation℠ course. However, some familiarity with software systems and operations concepts would be beneficial.

Who should attend?

The Observability Foundation℠ course is suitable for:

  • IT Professionals, Operations Staff, and System Administrators involved in system operations.
  • DevOps Engineers and SRE Practitioners interested in implementing observability practices.
  • Technical Leads and Architects responsible for system reliability and performance.
  • Project Managers and Team Leads seeking to enhance system troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Anyone interested in understanding and implementing observability principles and practices.

What will attendees get as part of this course

Attendees Basket

What you get?

When you register for the Observability Foundation℠ course, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive course materials, including slides, exercises, and reference materials.
  • Access to online resources and tools to support your learning journey.
  • Interaction and collaboration with experienced observability practitioners and fellow participants.
  • Practical exercises and simulations to apply the concepts learned.
  • Observability Foundation℠ certification exam voucher.

What does the certification include?

Upon successfully completing the Observability Foundation℠ certification exam, you will receive the Observability Foundation℠ certification. This certification validates your understanding of observability principles and practices, demonstrating your ability to contribute to successful observability implementations.

Professional Development Units & Scrum Education Units

PDU's and SEU's

Professional Development Units (PDUs) and Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

The Observability Foundation℠ course provides participants with 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) towards maintaining Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications.

Additionally, it offers 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) towards Scrum Alliance certifications. These PDUs and SEUs demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the field of observability.

Annual Renewal

DevOps Institute certifications are valid for two years from their date of issue and must be renewed by this expiry date. All requirements for recertification must be completed by the certification expiration date, 2 years from the date of issue. Individuals who allow their certification(s) to expire must retake the certification exam again to earn active certification status.

In addition, it is always recommended to stay updated with the latest developments and best practices in DevOps engineering by engaging in continuous learning and professional development opportunities.


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