We aim to help make businesses leaner by utilizing cutting-edge technology and building a workforce of exemplary talent.

our approach

Why choose us as your
Talent Partner

Our consultants are provide comprehensive outsourcing service, turn-key solutions to help company’s stay compliant with the advisers requirements.

Technical Hiring Experts

We know Agile/DevOps staffing like no other firm.

Powered by Internal Agile/DevOps SME's

We are led by hands-on practitioners in the tech space so we understand what you exactly need.

Excellent Competitive Fees

We offer economical flat fees for permanent hiring and excellent rates for contractors

Network of amazing talent

Our network is built on partnerships, referrals and high quality of services

How we can help?

Talent Services

We have best consultants, experienced employees in our organizations with comprehensive services.

In-house staffing or staff augmentation

Whatever your staffing model, we can support it through on-premise, near-shore and off-shore talent staffing.

Any tech, process or leadership role

Whatever your talent and skill needs, we support anything and everything across UK as long as it’s in the tech space


Get the best consult
from our Industry experts for your training needs

Scaled Agile Framework

Product Management

Agile - Scrum and Kanban

DevOps and Engineering

We offer a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke trainings

Quick Online Advisory On the Same Day

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